Board Meeting 04/18/2024 10:00 am

Members in attendance: Joe Orabona, Mike O’Leary, Amanda Evans, Maynard Maxwell

Members not in attendance: Jonathan Leone, Robert Moyher, Laura Caiafa


  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
  • Review of MOU and Chapter Guidelines
  • Chapter financials (Jonathan)
  • Membership
  • Education Update (Mike)

The minutes for the March meeting were reviewed. Amanada raised a motion to approve the minutes. The motion was approved.

Discussion was focused on member benefits and what to offer members. This included continuing the free education during the year, verifyle account, and others.

The discussion continued on mechanics for collecting membership dues and tracking membership before and after the transition.

Mike has contacted DRS about the annual meeting on 6/26. Mike is talking with Bob Kerr about doing 3 programs in May, July, and November. Other months are in progress and being developed. Butch gave an exceptionally excited “WOW” when hearing of Mike’s plans.

The May meeting will be on 5/30.

Amanda raised a motion to approve the contract from Farmington Gardens for the annual meeting. The motion was approved.

The meeting moved into executive session. The meeting ended with the conclusion of the executive session.

The next virtual meeting is estimated to be May 30th at 10am. Meetings are tentatively planned for the third Thursday of each month barring any scheduling conflicts.