Board Meeting 05/18/2023 10:00 am

Members in attendance:  Ray LaLuna,  Laura Caiafa, Amanda Evans,  Joe Orabona, Maynard Maxwell, Morris Armstrong, Mike O’Leary, Jonathan Leone

Members not in attendance:


  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
  • Planning for 2023 Annual Meeting (Amanda)
  • June and July meeting dates (Joe)
  • Chapter financials (Morris)
  • Technology: (John/Maynard)
  • Education Update (Mike)
  • Chapter insurance policy (Jonathan)

Minutes from the April meeting were reviewed.  Motion to approve was made and voted in favor of.

NAEA national is having a board meeting tomorrow (5/19).  Members were encouraged to attend if able.

Annual meeting has been scheduled for 6/28 at Farmington Gardens.  DRS has confirmed that they will be sending a speaker.  Time is from 3-5.  A drink ticket will be provided to each attendee.

Butch will get pins and pens from Morris to bring to the meeting to give away.

June meeting will be on June 15th.  It will be an abbreviated meeting primarily focused finalizing details for the annual meeting.  July 20th will be the first meeting for the new board.

Wild Apricot account will remain active through, at least, July.  Butch will be comparing the offerings between that and GetNetSet.

July CE has been set for 7/13.  Program is with a former RO.  September 26th has been finalized and we’ll be on rental real estate.  August will be skipped.  Mike is working on October and is planning on it being on Ethics.  He’s going to start moving forwards on planning for January now as well.

John provided a copy of the policy he had created for us.  In the past NAEA had a policy in place that covered the state chapters.  It was unknown if that policy from NAEA was still in place.  He will reach out to NAEA to see if the policy is still in place.