Board Meeting 07/20/2023 10:00 am

Members in attendance: Amanda Evans, Joe Orabona, Mike O’Leary, Jonathan Leone, Maynard Maxwell, Robert Moyher, Laura Caiafa

Members not in attendance:



  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
    • Annual Meeting Recap
    • New board transitional items
  • Chapter financials (Jonathan)
  • Technology: (John/Maynard)
  • Education Update (Mike)

The next virtual meeting is estimated to be August 17th at 10am. Meetings are tentatively planned for the third Thursday of each month barring any scheduling conflicts.

The meeting began with review of the annual meeting. Robert requested that the DRS speaker stay for a roundtable discussion in future years. Mike suggested that these specific people may not be the best for that. He stated he can reach out to DRS as needed for other sources

Amanda will speak with Laura later about updating the website to list the new board. Laura was not yet present at the meeting

Jonathan has been attempting to work with Morris to get the bank information changed over but has been having difficulty coordinating with Morris. He stated that he’d be diligent in his attempts to resolve this quickly.

There was significant discussion regarding NAEA’s transition plans. Send survey questions to butch, Bob, and amanda by 7/31

A discount code has been created for the IRS Rep Conference, ctsea50

Contracts for the January CE event have been signed. Amanda requested a landing page for the jan update.

July’s CE event went well. Next is on 9/26 on rental real estate with Jeffery Schneider. Mike lead a discussion on marketing and pricing for the January update. He requested that members email him suggestions or idea.

He will also contact Tom about promotional material he may have.

Laura will be creating an instagram account for the chapter