Board Meeting 08/16/2023 10:00 am

Members in attendance: Amanda Evans, Joe Orabona, Mike O’Leary, Jonathan Leone, Maynard Maxwell, Robert Moyher,

Members not in attendance: Laura Caiafa


  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
    • Annual Meeting Recap
    • New board transitional items
  • Chapter financials (Jonathan)
  • Technology: (John/Maynard)
  • Education Update (Mike)

Jonathan has secured a quote and policy for liability insurance. Annual premium is $956. Jonathan raised a motion to go forward with getting the insurance in place. Motion was passed.

Amanda has submitted the new board to NAEA.

Morris has been removed from the old bank account. Currently Theresa is the only person listed on the current Bank of America account. Jonathan raised a motion to create a new account with Liberty bank. Motion was passed

The website currently lists the board and includes Ray who is listed as Immediate Past President. Amanda will discuss with Laura about creating a new page listing former presidents.

Discussion regarding the NAEA transition. Butch has been preparing a survey that has been distributed amongst the board. The survey will be distributed to members. Concern was raised about members potentiallyHe will review constant contact. A concern

9/26 on Sch E rental real estate by Jeff Schneider. He will email membership about it in the first week of September.

He has begun talking with people in NY and will soon begin talking to members from MA to promote the January event. He requested input on pricing structure for the January event. Discussion covered several structures and timing. $199 for CtSEA members, 229 Virtual only $249 or 279 early bird by 11/15 $299 after that.

Will be contact Joe McCarthy about scheduling an ethics seminar at the end of the year.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 9/21 at 10am.