Board Meeting 08/25/2022 10:00 am

Members in attendance: Amanda Evans,Joe Orabona, Laura Caiafa, Maynard Maxwell, Jonathan Leone, Mike O’Leary, Morris Armstrong

Members not in attendance: Ray LaLuna


  • Scheduling for next meeting (Joe)
  • Update on NAEA Affiliates meeting (Hybrid method, Owl)
  • Education Update  (Mike)
  • Certificate Program
  • Zoom account for CTSEA (Joe)
  • Technology: Website, Updating, SEO issues, and GetNetSet offerings, Wild Apricot, Database/CRM (John/Maynard)
  • PayPal (Morris)
  • Bylaw Updating
  • Distribution of pins
  • Disseminate Minutes Online (Morris)
  • Invitation to monthly meetings (Joe)
  • Motion to approve allocation of funds to purchase treasury bills (Morris)
  • IRS Rep conference – November 17-18, 2022

The next virtual meeting is scheduled to be on 09/22/22 at 11:00am.  Following meetings are tentatively planned for the third Thursday of each month barring any scheduling conflicts.


Meeting time for next month was decided to be moved from 9/15 at 10 to 9/22 at 11.

OWL technology has made hybrid meetings easier and more accessible.  This can present an advantage for CE presentations.  Mike has been planning on the January update CE to be in person.  Morris objected to in person for January due to both health and financial reasons.  Joe will investigate Owl camera and potential alternatives.

Discussion of location.  Mike is currently planning on offering Ethics CE towards the end of the year.  Also considering Liens, Inflation reduction act, and other topics based on member interest.

Certificate program.  Mike will review info sent to him later and will discuss next month.

Zoom pricing was $149/year for base level that would be sufficient.  Joe will investigate the “record to cloud” features and pricing

Maynard Maxwell, Jonathan Leone presented information on Wild Apricot management software. Information from their presentation is on the following pages.

Morris Armstrong Discussed purchasing bonds using chapter funds.  Motion was made and approved.

Motion was made for the creation of a PayPal account for the chapter.  Motion was approved

Motion was made for disseminating meeting minutes online through the chapter website.  Motion was approved.

Remaining agenda items were not discussed due to time.