Board Meeting 09/21/2023 10:00 am

Members in attendance: Amanda Evans, Joe Orabona, Mike O’Leary, Jonathan Leone, Maynard Maxwell, Robert Moyher, Laura Caiafa

Members not in attendance:


  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes (July & August)
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
  • Chapter financials (Jonathan)
  • Membership
  • Technology: (John/Maynard)
  • Education Update (Mike)

Jonathan has gotten the insurance policy in place. Final premium amount was $927.

The account with Liberty has not been created yet. The annual report and 990N needs to be filed first. He will have those completed within 2 weeks.

The minutes from August were reviewed. 2 sections added additional items that needed additional detail. Motion was raised to approve the amended minutes from August. Motion was approved.

President’s update. Amanda will be sending out something to the members letting them know about the discounted rate that’s available. Amanda asked for suggestions about a giveaway. Suggestions included a stress ball, note pads, and tote bag. The tote bag could be a collaboration with TRN. Amanda will research this and have further details next meeting

Jonathan updated on the financial status

Maynard has completed a survey for members to understand their thoughts regarding upcoming changes to NAEA and its structure. The national board is meeting tomorrow and will be voting on this issue. It was suggested to wait until after the vote and reference the outcome of the vote when sending the message. This led to discussion regarding emails to nonmembers and laws regarding sending unsolicited emails. Email will be sent to members after the weekend and upcoming holidays.

Tech updates have been put on hold until a final decision has been made on how the organization will function moving forward.

Rental Real Estate CE event will be held on Tuesday. This has a larger than normal amount of sign ups. Amanda requested that the January event be promoted at this. Mike has also been monitoring the IRS CE offerings to see if there will be ethics offered that he could suggest to members. He’s been thinking of limiting programs for the rest of the year to focus on January.

Marketing for the January CE event will begin soon. Pricing has been settled for in person tickets. Live stream sales will be announced in November. Member pricing still needs to be decided on for that. Jonathan is working on finalizing the details for live streaming features and pricing.

Next meeting will be on October 19th at 10am.