Board Meeting 1/20/2023 10:00am

Board Meeting 01/20/2023 11:00 am

Members in attendance: Joe Orabona, Mike O’Leary, Laura Caiafa, Amanda Evans, Jonathan Leone,

Members not in attendance: Morris Armstrong, Maynard Maxwell, Ray LaLuna


  • Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
  • President’s Update (Amanda)
  • Cooperation between societies/chapters (Morris/Amanda)
  • Chapter financials (Morris)
  • Motion to contribute 1500 to NAEA Education Foundation (Morris)
  • Planning for next board (Morris)
  • Planning for 2023 Annual Meeting (Amanda)
  • Technology: Wild Apricot, Database/CRM (John/Maynard)
  • Education Update (Mike)

The next virtual meeting is estimated to be February 16th at 10am. Meetings are tentatively planned for the third Thursday of each month barring any scheduling conflicts.

Prior month’s minutes were reviewed and voted to approve.

Review of items covered at the NAEA affiliate meeting

Motion to ratify the contribution of $1500 which our director in charge of education
prematurely communicated to the NAEA Foundation. Motion was approved

Board slate discussion

Annual meeting will be in person. Potentially at Farmington Gardens. Mike will investigate have a DRS speaker

Motion to pay a $100 fee to wild apricot to further the set up the process. Approved

Motion authorize $49 per month payment for CE certificate program. Approved

Federal update will be on 1/25 1-4pm. Nothing currently scheduled until May.

The next meeting will be 2/16 at 10am.