Board Meeting 11/15/2022 10:00am

Members in attendance: Amanda Evans, Morris Armstrong, Joe Orabona, Maynard Maxwell, Mike O’Leary, Ray LaLuna, Jonathan Leone

Members not in attendance: Laura Caiafa


Review and approval of prior month’s minutes
Education Update (Mike)
Certificate Program (Mike)
SEO (Laura)
Technology: Wild Apricot, Database/CRM (John/Maynard)
IRS Rep conference – November 17-18, 2022

The next virtual meeting is estimated to be December 15th at 10am. Meetings are tentatively planned for the third Thursday of each month barring any scheduling conflicts.

Prior months reviewed, slight correction then approved.

November CE happened but with some technical issues. Mike has developed a testing system that he will go through with all presenters to troubleshoot any potential problems before the program.

Details for December’s CE program are being finalized. It will be held 1-3pm on 12/13. He will work with Laura to advertise the program.

Discussion followed on potential CE programs to run during tax season. Amanda suggested a roundtable/open forum type event that was driven by presubmitted questions from the attendees. Mike stated that he will discuss coming back in February for that.

Speakers on CT taxes and from the Stakeholder lianson’s office were discussed and Mike stated he would reach out to people about that in the coming week.

Mike and Butch will be meeting tomorrow to further discuss technology.

discussion about the purpose of our website. Survey members to see what they want.

There was discussion regarding each positions roles and responsibilities. Each member is to outline what their responsibilities are for further discussion later.

Confirmed silver sponsorship at the NE Rep Conference with a table. Mike is the table person. No sticky notes but pens were ordered. Morris will get candy.