Enrolled Agents and Other Tax Preparers Are Under Attack

Enrolled Agents and other tax preparers are under attack by CT State Senator Miller. There is legislation being discussed that will make tax preparers responsible for preparing an amended return for free (no real issue) pay interest, penalties and any additional tax. This is based on the undefined “tax preparer error”. You can see from the bill that it is vague and can only be harmful to the profession. Our members are likely the ones that would own up to a mistake that they made, do the amended return and address interest and penalties. To some, the idea of ”additional tax” is an oxymoron, since it would only be the tax that was due had the error not been made. It does not appear out of thin air with no relationship to the taxpayers activities.


While it is only addressing CT, considering the current political climate, I could see it being introduced in other states.

Here is a link to submit oral testimony in favor or in opposition.

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Here is a link for your written testimony.

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As an organization we have enormous concerns about the possible ramifications should this legislation pass.  However, we cannot care more than the membership so please, let your voices be heard.

Take time out to write to your state representative and senator.  Let them know that you oppose or support the legislation – please – get involved!

Morris Armstrong VP and Treasurer