Recently the Board of Directors of the NAEA voted to explore changes to the organization’s by-laws. The three possible changes are:

  • To make the CE requirement equal those of the IRS and not 30 hours per year.
  • To eliminate the requirement that a member of national be a member of a state chapter and vice versa.
  • To change the state structure to either an independent affiliate or a chapter which is part of NAEA.

There was much discussion at the national board meeting over these changes. The next step is that a committee within NAEA develops a legal path to implement these changes and then sends the recommendation to the BOD who will vote. If the BOD accepts the recommendations, they are then voted on by membership.

Since there are no real details to share at this time, we strongly encourage you to pay attention to any E@alerts and communications that you may receive from NAEA.

We may have more information to share at the annual meeting on June 28, 2023.

You can reach out to the Board of Directors via this link. They exist for us, so do not be shy!